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Ringtones are musical bliss in thirty seconds or less..... then he said HELLO.
  Welcome to [ TONIFIED _CUTS ]

Ringtones are musical bliss in thirty seconds or less....
Just before that sweet "hello".

After falling in love with KPOP and all that it brings, I started making ringtone cuts of my favorite songs. A few hundred ringtones cuts later, I finally made the decision to share my growing collection with my LiveJournal friends.
Hope you like them.
  Friends call me [ HOLLY ]
I'm a Fil-Am (Filipino American) born & raised in sunny Los Angeles but now living in the land down under, Australia. I am totally in love with Korean Pop Culture. From the music, to the movies, dramas and variety shows and most definitely the food [oh the glorious food] and not to mention the gorgeous people the Korean shows keep bringing to my tv screen.

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