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26 June 2011 @ 03:51 pm
164 2PM - HANDS UP  

I am sooo addicted to 2PM's new single. I LOVE IT!!!! The boys have grown to be super gorgeous and sexy men. My personal fave is Junho & he is absolutely mesmerizing in the music video...

2PM - Hands Up
Intro 30s - MU
   Intro-a 15s - MU
   Intro-b 15s - MU
Verse1a 15 - MU
Verse1b RAP 15s - MU
Verse2a 15s - MU
Verse2b RAP 15s - MU
Bridge1 15s - MU
Bridge2 15s - MU
Refrain 15s - MU
Chorus1 15s - MU
Chorus2 15s - MU
   Bridge1 + Chorus1 30s - MU
   Bridge2 + Chorus 2 30s - MU
Chorus END 15s - MU

Random cut:
Oppa mideodo dwaeji okay? Yes sir! 3s - MU

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Megaupload .zip file

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